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Construction Updates

Construction Week #2

No more tennis courts and planter boxes

Piles of torn up concrete and lights of old tennis courts                    More torn up concrete from tennis courts and sidewalk                    Piece of construction equipment and pile of dirt with septic parts                    Demolished sidewalk with cars and remnants of awning in background

Construction Week #1

Pile of concrete and dirt beside entrance road

Front sidewalk demolition in front of school

What an exciting day!
CISD broke ground on the new high school addition.
We are thrilled to have this process underway.
There will be changes to campus access as early as next week.
Please be patient as we grow.

Six people in front of a building with shovels and hard hats


Groundbreaking May 20, 2024

(From Left to Right)


Dottie Sullivan (Assistant Superintendent)

Carole Dickey (Superintendent)

School Board Members:

Terry Largent

Charles Nash (School Board President)

Tuffy Loftin

Trampas Rodell

Group of people in front of building for groundbreaking ceremony

Tennis players and fans at newly constructed tennis courts.

April 22 and 23, 2024


This week CISD hosted the District 20 AA Tennis Tournament at our new tennis courts!

Construction Update Flyer with Bid information


Link to Gallagher Project Bidding website

Concrete pour for Tennis Courts – November 28, 2023

Concrete Pour for Tennis Courts 11-28.2023

Concrete pour for Tennis Courts 11-28-2023

Proposed renderings of the Centerville Junior-Senior High School after updates and construction

Select one to view a larger image

Rendering of new school
Rendering of new school

New Tennis Courts proposed design

Tennis court drawing approved on Septemeber 25, 2023

Centerville ISD students admiring GLS rendering for their future High School addition, administration renovation and cafeteria addition!