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Texas Transition and Employment Guide

Texas Transitions Employment Guide

Information on statewide services and programs that assist in the transition to life outside of the public school system. This guide includes transition services; employment and supported employment services; social security programs; community and long-term services and support; postsecondary educational programs and services; information sharing with health and human services agencies and providers; guardianship, alternatives to guardianship, including a supported decision-making agreement under Chapter 1357, Estates Code; self-advocacy, person-directed planning, and self-determination; and contact information for all relevant state agencies. To access the guide, select a link below:


The Texas Transition & Employment Guide to a Successful Life After High School for Students with Disabilities – English

La guía de tr ansición y empleo de T exas para una vida exitosa después del bachillerato para alumnos con discapacidades – Spanish

For more information or other language options, please go to: